Samsung: The Edge Magazine

 Digital Strategy, Design & Development

A lifestyle digital magazine educating customers on the new Galaxy S6 plus hints and tips on how get the most from other Samsung products.

The Brief

The Samsung Customer Satisfaction team were looking for a new way to reach customers digitally and deliver content that helps solve any issues themselves through education around product features and services.

Our Approach

We created The Edge – a lifestyle magazine which transformed standard how-to’s and FAQ content into enjoyable articles combined with customer-centric photography. Topics ranged from how to set up your new Galaxy S6 device, to connecting your household devices via Smart Home, to tips on how to make your device battery last longer. All articles were presented with the customer in mind, focusing on real-world situations to inform and educate, as well as providing an enjoyable read.


Translated into 22 languages for global distribution throughout Samsung’s support teams

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