Nov 20, 2013

Who Will Join Patagonia’s Responsible Economy?

Chris Harris
Nov 20th, 2013 - 2 mins read
Today we are using the equivalent resources of one and a half planets, yet we live on only one. All the indicators of earthly health are in deteriorating: plentiful freshwater, clean air, arable land, robust fisheries and biodiversity. How do we reverse this decline (and accompanying climate change) before it becomes catastrophic?
Most conversations addressing that question hone in on technological solutions. Each year we attend sustainability conferences where the talk centers on innovation as the way to reduce resource use and waste. But at these conferences, among decent people doing their best, there is always an elephant in the room, concealed behind a curtain few are willing to draw to the side. The elephant is growth-based capitalism, and the assumption that a growth economy equals prosperity and a healthy society. This campaign names and confronts the elephant. And it will explore what alternatives look and feel like, from large -scale economies to small, local ones.
We see a growing global dissatisfaction with the way the present economy relies on relentless consumption in order to function, while delivering less social benefit than it promises. At the same time, we see trends toward meaningful change in both large corporate and industrial movements, and innovative, community-minded businesses.
We know we must consume less, and far more slowly – as well as innovate as quickly and ingeniously as we can.

Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia


Patagonia – one of the most forward-thinking businesses are trying to do things differently. They’re arguing that we all should buy a lot less stuff — including their own products

I like to think at Harkable we endeavour to be responsible; we are cloud-based, we Skype, email or call where possible instead of travelling for meetings, and encourage innovation from the team to make us more efficient, but there is lots we could still be doing.

Patagonia’s Responsible Economy Campaign urges businesses to think like them and see if together we can find the answers.


Read Patagonia’s Responsible Economy manifesto for yourself here



Chris Harris
Nov 20th, 2013 - 2 mins read