Nov 25, 2013

Social Media Weekly Round Up – What You Missed Last Week

Peter Isaacs
Nov 25th, 2013 - 3 mins read

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media. Each week get up to date with the latest news in social, keeping you one step ahead. 

Place Pins

A new addition to Pinterest which is sure to increase their ever expanding popularity. The new addition allows you to to create a map and pin relevant locations with pictures. A great aspect of the addition is that you can collaborate on a board with other pinners. This means  you could visually plan the perfect holiday with friends and family, or even create a map that outlines the best places to eat in your city.

We’re in the process of creating the Harkable’s favourite lunch spots so look out for that one in the very near future.



I was super impressed with the recent Google X Warner Bros collaboration for the upcoming Hobbit film. In the project Google created an interactive 3D render of Middle Earth ala Google Earth style, where the user can zoom in to clickable locations. The user gets transported to these visually stunning locations, which utilise HTML5, CSS3 and WebGl for the animation.

For a little bit more on my thoughts of the project check out our article The 5 Most Creative Uses of Google Earth, published last week.


Twitter’s IPO may mark the end of the 140 Character Limit

One financial analyst is saying that Twitter’s 140 character limit will likely be removed (or raised) to accommodate advertisers. Personally I’m not a fan of this news. If advertisers can’t work to the medium, they probably shouldn’t be advertising on it… But that’s just me.

Instagram finally on the Windows Phone

One of the main reasons I’ve never jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon was because of its lack of Instagram. Thankfully this has all come to an end, with CEO of Instagram – Kevin Systrom confirming an official client being release. The initial Windows Phone version of the app has been stripped down and won’t allow users to tag others in photos.

Facebook updates Page Composer

The new update has added scheduled posts to the notifications board – making it far easier to know how many posts you have scheduled, a more intuitive scheduling feature (cutting down the amount of steps it took to post from 12 to 4) and a drag and drop option for photos. These are all welcome additions that have definitely made my life easier when scheduling posts from within Facebook.

LinkedIn’s new Showcase pages

Just launched is LinkedIn’s new showcase pages. These pages are dedicated to highlight different aspects of a business so as that they can build relationships with the right community. An example could be someone who follows Microsoft and is interested in their graphics department but has no way of connecting directly with them. Now with the new addition, this could become possible.


Instagram to introduce messaging feature… maybe.

According to a report by GigaOM citing “well-placed sources,” Instagram is set to release a messaging feature for their next update – expected before Christmas. It will be interesting to see how or if Instagram do this, and if this messaging feature will allow brands to contact consumers directly.



Peter Isaacs
Nov 25th, 2013 - 3 mins read