May 6, 2014

Social Media Roundup: What You Missed Last Week – 6th May

Laura Crossman
May 6th, 2014 - 2 mins read

Snapchat Develops New Messaging Features

Snapchat is to evolve from a simple photo messaging service to into a primary hub for mobile messaging with all new features. The existing process of sending a photo for just a few seconds will now follow up with the ability to have real time video conversations within the app, making those interactions deeper and even more reactive. Video chatting will work on Wi-Fi and cellular connections with a focus on audio reception and aims to to mimic real life, offline conversation between friends.

Founder Evan Spiegel says “This is really what we think mobile conversations should be.”

Facebook Studio Awards

The third Facebook Studio Awards recognised excellence in creating engaging, social experiences. Over 80 countries made submissions and just 15 awards were given out. The top honour  went to Droga5 and Heineken USA for If We Made It, a Newcastle Brown Ale campaign.


10th Anniversary of Mean Girls

Wednesday marked the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls and to celebrate fans took to social media to prove that on Wednesdays we really do wear pink. Topics trended on both Facebook and Twitter (The hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink received 68,979 mentions alone) with companies like Planned Parenthood using their own channels to promote the totally fetch hashtag.

Swarm – The Future Of Foursquare?

Foursquare has evolved, splitting into two functioning apps with two very different uses. The new app “Swarm” allows users to check in and see which of their friends are nearby and online in a bid to create dialogue.  Foursquare will still exist, albeit redesigned, and will remove the check in altogether – The new role will be to encourage discovery and exploration.

Vine Updates Access For Viewers.

Visitors to are now able to watch videos without having to sign in or create an account making content a whole lot easier to explore. New features also include search and the desk top site has had a slick makeover too.

Instagram Owns Social Engagement

Analysing more than 3 million interactions against 2,500 brand posts confirmed what we’ve been worrying about for a while – people just don’t engage with branded social media content that often.

Of the seven social channels studied, six drove average engagement rate of just 0.1% but one particular network really stood out. Achieving average engagement of 4.21% Instagram delivered nearly 60 times more engagement than that seen on Facebook and Twitter. Really exciting news for brands and a channel that should be on all editorial plans.

Nike “Winner Stays” ad Was the Most Shared Branded Video of the Week

With just over a month until the World Cup kicks off Nike have delivered yet again. This time a Saturday kickabout is transformed into 4 surreal minutes featuring football’s greatest.

Laura Crossman
May 6th, 2014 - 2 mins read