Dec 3, 2013

New Work: Fifty Children Fifty Artists Campaign For Charity Miracles

Chris Harris
Dec 3rd, 2013 - 2 mins read

This year we’ve been involved in an innovative charity project for Miracles UK, who provide. The project – Fifty Children Fifty Artists is an exciting art initiative in Tower Hamlets, London, bringing together fifty children from the borough and fifty of the UK’s most respected artists to money through sponsorship and donations. Its aim is to end child poverty in Tower Hamlets, London which has one of the highest levels of child poverty in the UK. The money raised will go directly towards Miracles work in Tower Hamlets over the next two years.

Project manager James Burton came to us looking for help on how to market the project both digitally and offline. We worked with him to devise a look and feel for the project, and create a website destination to showcase the amazing work created by the artists.

By its nature, the project aims to raise awareness and funds for this issue in a visual, engaging and positive way. The website and brand had to reflect this.

Some of the most respected UK artists participating in the project, who have each given up their time to create a unique portrait of a Tower Hamlets child. Artists involved include Andrew Saldago, Jessica Albarn, Daphne Guinness,  Emma Sargent and Gerald Scarf. Each has a profile on the site.

We are featured as a partner of the project, along with Citibank, Beers Lambert Gallery, The Haciendas, St James’s Place Partnership,  Ivan Massow and Adgenda. Also there are a number of local restaurants and cafés involved.

The paintings will be commissioned over the year culminating in an exhibition at the Beers Lambert Gallery in early 2014.

As each piece is finished it will go on display online and in a gallery/central space in Tower Hamlets.


The Facts

Four million children in the UK – One in Three – live in poverty – one of the highest rates of child poverty in the industrialised world.

The situation is worst in London – in Tower Hamlets a staggering 52% of children live under the poverty line.

More than half of children in Tower Hamlets live in benefit dependent families. This is the highest rate in the country; the borough is ranked the poorest out of 405 local authorities.


If you care about poverty and the welfare of the children in London, I urge you to get involved. For more details head to the website –


Fifty Children Fifty Artists home page

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Fifty Children Fifty Artists - flyer

Fifty Children Fifty Artists - River facts

Chris Harris
Dec 3rd, 2013 - 2 mins read