Feb 1, 2013

8 People To Follow On Vine Right Now

Will Francis
Feb 1st, 2013 - 2 mins read

Parody of Vine and Instagram

Vine came along this week (it has in fact been live for a while but the fresh publicity came from Twitter’s acquisition and integration of the 6-second video-sharing network), hoping to be the social video service which would prove there can be an ‘Instagram of video’. The jury is still very much out on that point but it’s undoubtedly fun and is getting users creating visual haikus in creative ways such as stop-motion animation, mime, (bad) acting and of course porn. Here are some of our favourite people to follow so far:

1. Paul McCartney

Yeah, he’s a little less cool than he used to be, but Macca is still a music legend [via The Beatles]!



2. Hunter Harrison

Creator of one of the most popular Vines this week, and awesome example of how well-suited the platform is to stop-motion animation.



3. Jimmy Fallon

The US late night talk show host is a funny guy 😀



4. Sarah Vickers

This video alone gets Sarah – an American fashion blogger – in our list of top Vine users!



5. Tommy Russo

Hawaiian entrepreneur who made this rather awesome bit of Lego stop-motion.



6. Khoa

This guy loves his stop-motion!



7. Kevin Rose

The Digg founder and entrepreneur is often among the early power users on new social platforms. And a lover of good coffee!



8. Tenovus

A member of staff at this Welsh cancer charity shows how just a little creativity goes a long way in gaining exposure on newly hyped platforms.


To check out all the best people using Vine’s rival- Instagram video- head over to our list  here


Will Francis
Feb 1st, 2013 - 2 mins read