Jun 3, 2013

15 Social Media Stats You Can’t Live Without This Week

Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 3rd, 2013 - 1 min read

One stat equals a million estimations, so with that in mind here’s our latest splurge of stats from the world of social media in the last week to help you keep your finger on the pulse

30 minutes: The crucial first hour of a Facebook post is when it achieves over 50% of its reach. SourceSocial Bakers  Tweet this

21%: The increase in engagement with tweets with one or two hashtags as opposed to those with three or more. SourceSalesforce  Tweet this 

80% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% have children. Source: Wishpond  Tweet this 

16 minutes: The length of an average visit to Pinterest. Source: Mediabistro  Tweet this 

8,500: The number of likes per second on Instagram. Source: Instagram  Tweet this 

117,601Tweets sent per minute sent in the immediate aftermath of Bayern Munich winning the Champions League Final. Source: Twitter – Tweet this 

26%The percentage of teenagers using Twitter in 2012 up 14% from 2011. Facebook rose from 93% to 94% whilst MySpace fell from 24% to 7%. SourcePew Research Center  Tweet this 

91% of teenagers now post photos of themselves on social media up from 79% in 2006. Source: Pew Research Center  Tweet this 

20% of teenagers sharing their mobile number on social media which is up from 2% in 2006. Source: Pew Research Center  Tweet this 

5%The percentage of people who click on Facebook ads. Source: YouGov – Tweet this 

10%The percentage of people who feel Facebook advertising is correctly targeting them. Source: YouGov – Tweet this 

79%: The growth of the 55-64 age bracket on Twitter since 2012 , making it the fastest growing sector. Source: Globalwebindex – Tweet this 

163 Billion: The number of Tweets sent since the beginning of time. Source: Istrategylabs  Tweet this 

$540 MillionThe amount Twitter is projected to make in advertising revenue by 2014 . Source: Web Analytics World – Tweet this 

210,000: The number of years of music listened to on Facebook. Source: Facebook  Tweet this

Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 3rd, 2013 - 1 min read