Jun 11, 2013

15 Social Media Stats You Can’t Live Without This Week

Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 11th, 2013 - 2 mins read

As American statistician W. Edwards Demming once wrote, “In God we trust; everyone else must bring data.”

With that in mind here’s your weekly fix of facts from the world of social media.

37.5: The average age of a Facebook user. Source: ComScore  Tweet this 

54.7%: The projected percentage of internet users in 2017 who will be using Facebook, a growth from 42.6% in 2013 .Source: emarketers  Tweet this

54%: The percentage increase in likes that posts with photos on Facebook pages receive over normal Facebook posts. Source: Wish Pond  Tweet this 

27% of all US time spent online is on social networks, whilst 15% of the time spent online on mobile devices is spent on them. Source: Marketing Profs  Tweet this 

117,672: The number of Tweets sent during the duration of Channel 4’s Dogging Tales making it the most Tweeted about documentary of the last year. Source: Second Sync  Tweet this 

37%: The percentage of marketers who feel Facebook advertising is effective. Source: Search Engine Watch  Tweet this 

90: The number of pieces of content the average Facebook user generates per month. Source: Kissmetrics  Tweet this 

Jakarta: The Twitter capital of the world. The Indonesian capital sends out the most tweets followed by New York City, São Paulo, Kuala Lumpur and Paris. Source: IT World  Tweet this 

17%: The percentage increase in engagement that tweets with under 100 characters have over ones with more than a 100. Source: Linchpin SEO  Tweet this 

86%: The percentage increase of retweets that tweets with links receive over ones that don’t. Source: Linchpin SEO  Tweet this 

Tweets that directly ask users to retweet receive 12 times the retweet than those who do not and yet only 1%  of companies use this strategy. Source: Linchpin SEO  Tweet this 

1132%: The growth of Instagram in the UK between December 2011 to 2012. Source: ComScore  Tweet this 

257 minutes The average time per month spent on instagram users Source: Expanded Ramblings  Tweet this 

262%: The growth of online mobile video users in the last year, the growth in online video users was just 8% Source: ComScore  Tweet this

Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 11th, 2013 - 2 mins read