Jun 14, 2012

Daily Pulse: Social Reporting For Websites

Jun 14th, 2012 - 2 mins read

TOUCHDOWN Daily Pulse! Our new social reporting product launched this week, giving people the power to track social activity, in real time, on any URL. So what does this mean? Well, essentially all you need to do is pop in the URL of the site you want to monitor, and Daily Pulse will start tracking its mentions, shares, tweets, and likes across Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Whether you’re a brand wanting to track your social chatter, a person curious to monitor theirs, or just interested in the social activity of a website or page, Daily Pulse is your one-stop answer. What’s more, you can sign up for a daily digest email, which will ping an update each day on the total social change of your chosen url in the last 24 hours – a tool for big brand names, start ups, and curious folk alike. With so many analytics tools out there that are helpful but oh-so user-unfriendly, difficult to navigate, slow, or all of the above, we at Harkable thought it was time for something slick, shiny, speedy and social.

How does it work? Well, simply add the URL of the page you want to monitor in the top navigation bar, and ka boom! It’s that easy, Daily Pulse will start tracking:

Last Minute: The total volume of new social activity that’s occurred within the last minute, refreshing every 60 seconds.

Total Activity: The total volume of social activity in real time. An accumulation of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter shares.

Current Change: The total number of new social activity since you’ve been on the page

Total Change: We get new data every 5 seconds, so this number represents that change in the current total

We’re really proud of our new creation, like a new dad with tech baby, and we hope you like it too. To have a go and get started, click here and get your finger on that PULSE.


Jun 14th, 2012 - 2 mins read
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