Simon & Schuster Social Media Strategy

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Consultancy to define and implement a social media strategy for renowned global publisher Simon & Schuster.

The Brief

Renowned publisher Simon & Schuster were looking to evaluate their social media strategy, which had become fragmented across internal teams. As part of a wider brand refresh they asked us to look at their main brand social media presences and create a strategy for how the business should be using social, and how to educate the wider organisation on what success looks like.

Our Approach

Our team initially conducted an audit and recommendation, looking at how the business was using social media, combined with a recommendation for the types of platforms best suited to a global publisher with a wealth of content creation opportunities and author access. We collaborated with the digital and PR teams through a series of workshops, to discuss our findings and learn where the challenges were, all to inform our final strategy. 

The second phase of the project was to create an actionable strategy for social media. This would include guidelines on the brand’s voice and creative output, to installing a process-driven content plan, and a measurement framework for all marketing activity on social. The strategy was then co-presented to the whole UK business for buy in.




Audience Survey

As part of our strategic recommendation for the business, we wanted to base our decision-making with real data. We wanted to find out more about the Simon & Schuster brand audience on social media, so we could engage them with the right tone and content in the future. We decided to conduct an audience survey of their Facebook and Twitter audiences, incentivised for participants, to tell us more about the brand’s audience. Specifically, we wanted to find out about general demographic information, book reading and purchasing habits both on and offline, and social media habits. With nearly 1000 responses to the survey we were able to deduce the ‘modal fan’, which informed our proposed social strategy.  

Simon & Schuster Social Media Strategy


The strategy for 2016 is just being put into practice by the social media team

Harkable brought a wealth of strategic experience to the brief, helping us develop an imaginative, thoughtful and analytical approach to our social media.
They worked inclusively with our teams and the positive impact has been immediate.

Toby Jones, Group Marketing & Publicity Director – Simon & Schuster UK

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