Penguin: The Icarus Deception App

 Digital Strategy, Design & Development

A personalised gifting app, allowing users to gift an inspirational book to whom they find inspiring on Twitter.

The Brief

Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin returned to London in 2013 to present his new book, The Icarus Deception. His publisher Penguin engaged us to devise an original and remarkable way for fans to gift a copy of the book and build Twitter buzz at launch.

Our Approach

We devised a web-based mobile application to do just that. The premise was simple – each member of the audience would be allowed to gift a copy of The Icarus Deception to two people they find inspiring and are following on Twitter and send a personal message directly to them.

The app created a personalised photo-tweet using the book’s cover, integrating the recipient’s Twitter username into the creative. Using Twitter authentication, we ensured that only the lucky people chosen by audience members would be able to redeem a copy of the book.



From 600 attendees in the room, the campaign reached over 700,000 on Twitter.

Over 40% of the event attendees used the app that same night to gift a book.

Seth Godin commented the campaign was ‘brave and fascinating’.

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