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Fans across the world unite to wear their OnePiece2Work, share on social media and donate to charity.

The Brief

In its second year, OnePiece wanted #OnePiece2Work to go truly global, and improve the online experience for their fans taking part. By giving back to their millions of fans worldwide, by creating a day of fun whilst raising money for a good cause, and promoting it with a variety of content in social media to spread the word.

Our Approach

We created a dedicated website to be the focus of the campaign, explaining to fans the concept, how to take part, and highlight activity occurring across the world throughout day. On 23rd May 2014 OnePiece fans got to wear their jumpsuit to work, share it with friends and colleagues, and OnePiece donated on their behalf to charity Fuck Cancer. Also to raise money we auctioned a handprinted OnePiece on ebay, personalised by One Direction’s Liam Payne.


Over 37,000 shares across social media reaching 73.5m worldwide

Over $17,000 raised for charity

A few famous faces got involved including Liam Payne, Josh Devine and Ali Simpson


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