KX Akademy Social Media Training

 Social Media Training

Training the academy racing car prodigies to use social media to engage fans and build their personal brands.

The Brief

The KX Akademy is a mentoring and scholarship program backed by Tesco’s popular energy drink. It is designed to teach, mentor, guide and assist up-and-coming drivers. Led by British racing star Jason Plato, the Akademy team approached us to lead a mentoring day to equip the drivers with social media and reputation management skills.

Our Approach

We created a comprehensive, bespoke course entitled ‘Growing Your Personal Brand in Social Media’, which was delivered during a workshop day to show the drivers how to become social media stars. Topics covered ranged from the latest social media tools and tips through to best practice in attracting and working with sponsors.


Working with a group of talented, passionate stars in the world of motorsports, including Jason himself.

We have since run subsequent workshops with new drivers as they join the Akademy.

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