Girl Online Snapchat

 Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Content Production

A Snapchat campaign to promote YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg’s bestselling ‘Girl Online’ book series

The Brief

Penguin Random House were looking to engage a teen audience via fledgling social network Snapchat as part of a campaign to drive awareness of the #1 best-selling Girl Online series

Fans of the book could join the community on Snapchat to receive exclusive access to book content and competitions. As part of a wider promotional campaign, Snapchat was to serve as an immediate and real-time channel for the publisher to engage with fans of the Girl Online series, creating content on their mobile to share with us and their networks. The campaign also positioned Penguin Random House as an innovative and forward-thinking marketer of their authors and publications.

Our Approach

Starting from zero we devised a strategy for launching the Girl Online presence on Snapchat – username girlonlinebooks – which would rapidly grow our audience on this burgeoning platform.

We created daily Snapchat Stories to engage fans that included video footage, GIFs, competitions to win Penguin and Zoella-related prizes, ‘social fun’ posts, plot-line clues and sneak peeks, quizzes, and much more. Fans were encouraged to create snaps and messages in response to our content to maintain a strong level of engagement throughout the campaign.


World’s First Snapchat Book Signing


To celebrate the release of second book in the series ‘Girl Online On Tour’, we gave the Snapchat community a chance to participate in the World’s first ever Snapchat Book Signing. Fans were given the chance to send in their snaps to be signed digitally by Zoe, where the best ones were chosen and received their creation back as a signed snap. They also received a signed physical copy of the book as part of the prize. 




In 3 months the community grew to over 35,000 fans

An engagement rate of 78% on Story content

Girl Online on Tour went straight in at #1 on the UK Sales Charts

We really enjoyed working with Harkable on the launch of the Girl Online Snapchat. They were creative, adaptable and hugely knowledgeable, and they helped us to build this brand new Snapchat account to over 35,000 followers in 12 weeks – fantastic!

Natasha Collie, Senior Marketing Officer – Penguin Books

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