Banks Rum Website

Design & Development

A optimised website to showcase the products, brand heritage, cocktails and stockists. 

The Brief

Banks Rums is a premium spirits brand with a small range of finely blended rums, available in the most exclusive cocktail joints around the world. Banks came to us to create a digital destination which showcases the high-end nature of the product, demonstrates the lifestyle associated with their drinkers and brings the world of Banks Rums together in one place.

Our Approach

We aimed to design a modern, dynamic website optimised for today’s jet-set which brings the story of Banks Rums to life through True Tales and tells the story behind the three blends. Visitors can also learn new recipes for cocktails to enjoy Banks, as created by top mixologist Jim Meehan. We also included a page to navigate retailers around the world, and ‘Our World’ – a live feed of social media content posted by fans all over the world.



Working with a team so passionate and meticulous about their brand

Launching a global destination to bring the world of Banks Rum to life

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