Mar 22, 2012

What Will Kevin Rose Bring to Google+?

Chris Harris
Mar 22nd, 2012 - 2 mins read

Last week it was announced that following the sunsetting of Oink by Milk, their founder and former Digg CEO Kevin Rose would be joining Google. Cue speculation for what the social media veteran will bring to help Google’s efforts to take social market share away from Facebook. So here we put together a wish-list of what we’d love to see on Google+ in the near future…

The Google+ Front Page

Every blogger and content creator remembers their debut on Digg’s front page. Suddenly your site receives a crippling amount of traffic over a couple of days and then melts away again, but so powerful you try and re-create that magic that got you there again. It would be great to see this hallowed and coveted front page somehow on Google+, giving content creators a new mountain to climb to add to their CV.

Power Plus-ers 

Who are the users on Google+ you need to contact to make your content go viral? Once upon a time it was the ‘power diggers’, but now lets uncover those on Google+ who will sneeze to bring success.

Hot Stories

Google+ is all about who is in your circles. But it requires a bit of effort from the user up front to create an engaging set of people to circle. Digg on the other hand does a great job at curation – telling you what is hot right now on the site. Getting a snapshot of what is being talked about will become even more important as we all edge closer to information overload and aggregation of what and who is hot would add another dimension to Google+


Topics help us navigate to stuff we know we’ll like. Digg is structured along main topic threads determined at the point of publishing, and is categorised accordingly in terms of freshness and popularity. Google+ allows you to create topics with any keyword you choose but what about giving the user a little help by offering navigation along the big topic groups to get deeper into Google+?


What do you think? What would you like to see next from Google+?

Chris Harris
Mar 22nd, 2012 - 2 mins read