May 27, 2014

Social Media Roundup: What You Missed Last Week – 27th May

Laura Crossman
May 27th, 2014 - 2 mins read

Facebook Knows What You’re Watching

Facebook has unveiled a new feature that can tell what users are watching and listening to in very much the same way that Shazam works – an extension of their “feelings” feature launched last year. Once activated the app will be able to hear sounds nearby to determine what is being watched – it’s entirely opt in so don’t panic quite yet! Friends will be able to listen to 30 seconds within their feed but the app will also recognize sports events and live TV.


Ed Sheeran Debuts New Video As Facebook Exclusive

Jay Z’s done it, Bruno Mars has done it, and now Ed Sheeran is the latest star to launch his new song and video via social channels bypassing more traditional routes in an increasingly popular move for musicians .


Google to Buy Twitch for $1 Billion

Founded in 2011, Twitch lets users upload and stream live gameplay videos from Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. With more than 45 million members and a number of giant partners – CBS to name one – Google’s purchase is set to be imminent with plans to integrate the platform into Youtube where gaming videos already command huge audiences.


Iran Bans Instagram?

Not quite. If sources are to be believed outage is simply a result of the Instagram distribution network being moved to Facebook servers, which are blocked in Iran. Iranian Instagram users with (rare) access to Twitter have been protesting this potential block  with access to Twitter through various network workarounds and those in the diaspora have already started protesting the hashtag #IranNetFreedom.

Facebook Changes Default Permission to Friends

Facebook is changing the default visibility of new user’s updates from public to friends and will also prioritize asking existing users to go through a privacy check up. The risk of accidently oversharing with strangers should be reduced dramatically – something I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of in the past – and is just one of many smaller adjustments that Facebook has been working on in a bid to make privacy control easier to understand.


#GiveGregTheHoliday- a Holiday Request Goes Viral

When Greg Heaslip sent a request for time off he had no idea he’d be trending on Twitter within hours. His line manager accidentally forwarded his request on to 3,500 other staff members of the Arcadia group causing the server to crash and employees to take to Twitter. Soon enough #GiveGregTheHoliday had started to trend while brands leapt at the chance to join the conversation offering everything from clothes to toiletries  –  TrekAmerica even offered a trip to Las Vegas! We’re happy to report that Greg not only has his time off approved but has also since decided to donate the trip to charity.

Laura Crossman
May 27th, 2014 - 2 mins read