Jun 23, 2014

Social Media Roundup: What You Missed Last Week – 23rd June

Laura Crossman
Jun 23rd, 2014 - 3 mins read

Yo! Launches – and is Hacked Within Days

An app with a sole purpose of sending the word “Yo” to contacts launched quietly in April, receiving mainstream coverage only last week from the Financial Times (and just hours after Facebook’s Slingshot had launched). Within days it was in the top 150 free apps –one of their designers described it as follows “If you think this is just an app that says ‘Yo,’ you are getting it wrong. It’s a new way to get lightweight, non-intrusive notifications. We are here to cut through the noise. We like to call it context-based messaging.”

Within days a college student claimed to have worked with two roommates to hack the app, gaining access to users’ phone numbers as well as the ability to “spoof Yo’s from any users.


New Emojis To Be Released

One of the most talked about topics last week was the announcement of 250 new emojis, coming to a smartphone near you next month. New symbols are said to include a thermometer, a rolled up newspaper, and a Vulcan Salute.


Amazon Fire Phone Launched

After a lot of speculation, Amazon’s smartphone is finally here. Called the Fire Phone, it’s taking on the iPhone with four front-facing sensors found on the corners of the handset. These sensors enable what Amazon calls Dynamic Perspective, or gesture-based input methods. It’s not cheap but we’re interested to see what the uptake is – and what the future holds!


Facebook Goes Down

Users worldwide were unable to access the social network for 20 minutes as it suffered it’s longest outage since 2010. Facebook quickly fixed the problem and explained that while an automated system normally detects and fixes errors that could lead to outages, an intentional change in some crucial files was erroneously detected as invalid by the automated systems. Users took to twitter by storm.


Twitter Release Results From Social TV Lab

Twitter and Starcom MediaVest Group announced the first consolidated results coming from their Social TV Lab. Results confirm that social TV is here and the opportunity to use it is only going to get bigger. Key findings are:

1. Twitter + TV = Increased Brand Awareness vs TV Alone.

2. Twitter Amplification = Sales Lift.

3. The Twitter / TV Multitasker is Here – and TV Ad Recall is High for them

4. Real-Time TV Content Engagement is on Twitter.

Take a look at the full report here.


Artist Paints Herself as the World Cup Trophy


Doing the viral rounds is this incredible transformation from artist Emma Allen (@imakefings on Twitter). Painstakingly painting herself as the world cup trophy the internet went mad for her creation – Ian Wright even made it his Twitter profile picture. See more of Emma’s work here.


Weather Informed Ads Are Coming to Twitter

Imagine if a shampoo brand could target Promoted Tweets to frizzy-haired users in high-humidity environments? The Weather Company has partnered with Twitter to bring weather-informed advertising to the social network – TWC have offered similar targeting on it’s own site for a while now but this move with Twitter is the first social partnership.


Laura Crossman
Jun 23rd, 2014 - 3 mins read