May 20, 2014

Social Media Roundup: What You Missed Last Week – 20th May

Laura Crossman
May 20th, 2014 - 2 mins read

Pinterest Announces Next Stage of Promoted Pins

After several months in testing Pinterest has partnered with a small group of brands to take advantage of a full paid test of their promoted offering with the search and category feeds. This initial testing phase is set to collect input from users before potentially rolling out later in the year. Kraft are one of the first brands to join – Pinterest is already the biggest source of referral traffic back to inspiring mealtimes with simple content. The partnership also provides the ability to connect with consumers in real-time via the Promoted Pins in mobile where 75 percent of its traffic originates.

Pinterest Users Are Still 84% Female

A study of 50,000 random Pinterest users has found that 92% of all “pins” are made by women, and 84% of these  have been active ever since the launch four years ago.”Food and drink” and “Home & DIY” are the most popular categories unsurprisingly with sites like Etsy and Urban Outfitters seeing huge benefits from the channel.

Pets at home Launch #MyPetsMoments

With their first ever crowd-sourced TV advert #MyPetMoments asked customers to share pictures and videos of the little moments that make owning a pet so special. The response was overwhelming and the ad can be seen on TV now.

Adidas puts Instagram Photos on Trainers

With all eyes on Adidas this summer they’re set to launch a new app that will let customers print their favourite Instagram pictures onto the ZX FLux trainer launching in August. Their “MiAdidas” customisation feature has been a standard feature for a while but this new Instagram feature will allow them to compete a little closer with NikeiD customisation.

Police Ask Blogger to Remove Tweet about UKIP

When blogger Michael Abberton posted criticism of the UKIP party on Twitter we doubt he was expecting it to receive quite the reaction it did. After receiving just over a thousand retweets he was visited by his local police and asked to remove the tweet at the request of a local UKIP candidate. Although he was told he wasn’t breaking the law he was then also told not to tweet about the visit. Twitter reactions were mixed with support for both UKIP and freedom of speech – Abberton later announced he had received nearly 1000 new followers and 115k blog hits as a result!

Instagram Ads Get Instant Recall

Despite being just 6 months old (and limited to just 15 companies), Instagram adverts are already driving incredible results. Taco Bell has seen nearly a 30% point gain in ad recall with nearly 400% more engagements than seen on organic posts. . The data also reports that other Instagram advertisers—including Michael Kors and Ben & Jerry’s—are averaging 60% higher engagement rates for their organic posts in the three days following their paid promotions!

Laura Crossman
May 20th, 2014 - 2 mins read