Apr 14, 2014

Social Media Roundup: What You Missed Last Week – 14th April

Will Francis
Apr 14th, 2014 - 2 mins read

The last week has seen a slew of updates on some of our favourite social media sites, as well as two new products we’re pretty excited about. Here’s our weekly round-up of what you need to know:

Twitter Rolling Out New Profile Design

The new profile design, rolling out to users over the coming weeks, is one of many recent improvements that has attracted speculation that Twitter is trying hard to win the mainstream audience by simplifying its service and improving the interface. Is Twitter ‘trying to be Facebook‘? Or simply choosing to innovate instead of die?

LinkedIn Launch New Groups Page

Use LInkedIn Groups much? No, neither do I, largely because it’s a clunky area of a clunky product. Seeing this behaviour LInkedIn are encouraging us to get back into Groups, connecting with ‘like-minded professionals’ through common interests and industries with a new landing page for Groups. Just select ‘Interests’ in your LInkedIn menu and then select ‘Groups’ to see a newsfeed of activity from your groups, and an easily accessible list of your groups to dip into.

Facebook Updates Right-Hand Column Ads Design

Facebook is rolling out a new, more visual right-hand column ad design in the coming months which, with larger images, they say will perform 3x better than the existing formats. It will also bring consistency to the image dimensions for ads with the new format being the same shape as ads in the newsfeed, meaning advertisers won’t need to produce multiple creative formats at varying dimensions.

Vine Introduces Private Messaging

The micro-video-sharing platform has followed in Instagram’s footsteps and given its users the ability to send their Vines directly, and privately, to friends in a ‘Vine message’ or ‘VM’. And so the private social networking trend continues, though whether anyone will find private Vining genuinely useful is yet to be seen.

Klout Unveil New Mobile Design

Klout, who have recently expanded from merely scoring your influence into recommending relevant, hot content for you to share have this week released their new-look offering on mobile, which also gives easier access to their influencer freebies program Perks.

Dropbox Release Photo Archiving and Sharing App

Everyone’s favourite cloud storage service have released a new photo and video gallery app, and so far we’re loving it. It’s called Carousel, and as well as making use of Dropbox’s automatic backing up of your mobile photos, it also organises all the image files in your entire Dropbox chronologically, making them easy to access and share. It answers a problem that most of us have – “I have lots of photos and am losing track of where they are, and whether they’ll be safe”, and this is executed simply and effectively.

And… your bonus tech tool of the week – sitedrop.com – not created by Dropbox but using their API, it creates a website out of any Dropbox folder!

Will Francis
Apr 14th, 2014 - 2 mins read