Jan 3, 2014

Our Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2013

Peter Isaacs
Jan 3rd, 2014 - 3 mins read

The last 12 months have been rather busy for us, and not least on our blog. With the team growing, many more authors have become regular posters. When reviewing the blog performance over the year we found it interesting to look at what were the top performing posts and why. So we thought we’d share with you our most read posts for 2013 (in terms of unique visitors for those that were asking). So without any further ado….


10. 5 Dribbble Invites – Come and play!

It’s no surprise that this article came in the top 10 – Dribble invites are hard to come by and we had 10 to give away. In fact we’ve still got a couple left, so if you’d like to come play follow us on Twitter and send a link to your portfolio.



9. Illustrator Icon Tutorial

Design tutorials are always a favourite on the Harkable blog and this Icon tutorial was no different. In this tutorial we teach you how to create icons on illustrator and also gave away a pack of them too.



8. 10 Of The Best New Twitter Profile Designs

The best way to tell your brands story on Twitter is with pictures. Here we showed some of our favourite Twitter profile designs of brands we follow.



7. The 5 Best: Social Media Charity Campaigns

Recently we did some work for charity Miracles which saw use help create an identity and website for one of their projects. Part of our research saw us take a look how other non-profits used social media and the web to promote their work. The result was this article, which outlined our favourite social media campaigns for charity, with organisations such as  Amnesty International, Unicef and Refuge all getting a mention. Take a look at one of the campaigns featured below.



6. Photoshop Buttons UI Tutorial 

A great tutorial on how to create User Interface buttons using photoshop. It’s no surprise that this one was popular with just about every brand creating custom buttons for websites and social media.



5. Photoshop Tutorial – Awesome Blurred Backgrounds

A straight to the point and easy Photoshop tutorial, excellent for beginners.



4. How To Set Up Email Reports in Google Analytics

When trying to work out how to set up Google Analytic email reports online we couldn’t really find anything. To help with this we created a post on how to do exactly that. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of the most read articles on the blog.



3. 3.5 Ways To Get Your Hands On I0S7

Ever wanted to get your hands on the latest iPhone iOS release, then this post is for you.



2. 8 People To Follow On Vine Right Now

Newcomer to the social media sphere this year was Vine – Twitter’s 6 second video sharing app. Being the newest network makes it hard to know who to follow. With this in mind our second most read post gives newcomers to vine a little hand, and lists 8 people to follow on Vine.



1. Friday Freebie – Social Media Icons for 2013 – PSD and PNGs

It’s not hard to see why this was our most read post for 2013 with social sharing icons being a must for all websites. In this post we gave away a pack of icons with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dribble all featuring.


Peter Isaacs
Jan 3rd, 2014 - 3 mins read