Apr 22, 2014

New Work: Tweet Wall for OnePiece

Sam Billingham
Apr 22nd, 2014 - 2 mins read


OnePiece took over a Soho store! On Friday 11th April, OnePiece hosted their first UK #OnePiecePressDay. Press and brand ambassadors came together for a showcase of the latest OnePiece Spring Summer 14 collection and we created a custom tweet wall to be displayed throughout the event collating the social media buzz.

The OnePiece Tweet Wall was designed to take advantage of the online build up on Twitter and pulls in Tweets from before the event to get things started while everything at the event heats up. Once the event is underway older tweets are replaced and not seen again.

Theres nothing more frustrating than seeing a tweet wall, crafting your prefect tweet and it never appearing for others to view. We used the Twitter real-time streaming API to catch live tweets as they appear on Twitter. To keep things interesting there is a constant rotation of the latest 50 tweets, new tweets replace the oldest from this collection to keep what on show always up-to-date.



The Tweet Wall is branded in typical OnePiece style with amazing photography representing the OnePiece brand. The design was crafted to fit seamlessly into the event space while still allowing for great readability of content. As we opted for a fixed layout our main challenge was with images which can be particularly tricky to deal with. The wall is optimised for landscape images, while portrait images are kept centred to show the focal point of the image.

Event-goers loved seeing their tweets come up as they browsed the latest products, and it promoted sharing at the event as well.

We are now developing the tweet wall to also integrate Instagram photos, and offer a customisation dashboard for other clients.


If you are looking for a tweet wall for your next event, get in touch to see how we can help – Contact Us Here



Sam Billingham
Apr 22nd, 2014 - 2 mins read
  • #Smashedit

    Looks great guys, loving the style – very modern. Really shows what you guys are capable of. Keepin’ it social