Apr 30, 2012

How To Set Up Email Reports in Google Analytics

Chris Harris
Apr 30th, 2012 - 3 mins read

Having recently configured this for a client and for our own site, I thought I would walk you through how to set up automated email reports in the new-look Google Analytics as it has changed recently in terms of the user interface, and can be a bit tricky.

Also, if you are using email scheduling from the old Google Analytics, Google have hinted that they will be shutting off this feature later this year so it’s best to set up on their new system with the analytics which matter most to your site & business.

Setting up an Email Report

As you can see, once you’ve logged into a report in Google Analytics there is now an ’email’ option (with BETA next to it) in the main navigation bar underneath the name of the report – below are examples for ‘Visitors Overview’ and ‘All Traffic’.

Email Scheduling in Google Analytics

Email Scheduling in Google Analytics

No matter which report you are looking at you will still see these main navigation options, so if you want to be sent reports on Site Speed Page Timings you can do so.

Once you’ve found the report you wish to receive by email, click the email button to display this pop-up:

Email Scheduling in Google Analytics

As you can see there are a number options for you to tailor the report to your preferences.

‘To’ field – add a recipient emails for who you want to receive reports. Separate each email with a comma.

Subject – give the report a name (important if you’re setting up multiple reports)

Attachments – select which format to receive the report in. CSV, TSV, TSV for Excel and PDF. If you are looking to manipulate the data into your own reporting formats then TSV/TSV for Excel would be best. If you are reviewing the data as is, then PDF format should do the trick.

Frequency – choose when to receive the email report from once, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Day of the week – what day you want to receive the report e.g. before your site review every Friday morning. Take a look at your time-zone in Google Analytics to make sure you are on the correct time-zone and so the report arrives in time.

In Advanced Options you can add a time limit to the report if its for a finite campaign.

The big white box is for you to add copy to the email if required. You need to input something to allow the report to be set up.

Then… hit SAVE.

You have now set up a scheduled email report.

It is also worth remembering that you can schedule email reports using advanced segments or comparing to a previous time period, you just have to generate the report before clicking the ’email’ button to schedule the send. The old Google Analytics reporting interface had a check-box to receive a week on week comparison. This is now generated by the date range function:

Email Scheduling with Google Analytics

Google Analytics also offers the option to combine more than one reports. To do this, you simply need to set up a second report and then hit the ‘Add To Existing Email’ link and follow the instructions.

Email Scheduling with Google Analytics

Amending Scheduled Reports

If you need to amend any scheduled reports, you can do so by clicking the orange ‘admin’ button on the right side of the navigation bar.

Email Scheduling in Google Analytics

In the admin settings there is a link for ‘Scheduled Emails’. Here you will be able to view and edit the reports you have created.

Email Scheduling in Google Analytics


That’s it. You now can save those vital reports in Google Analytics to be scheduled to your email to save the time having to go through your dashboard. Once set-up it keeps you across the key site metrics, and allowing more time to make those important changes to your strategy.

If there’s anything I haven’t covered here which you’re having trouble with then just drop a comment and we’ll endeavor to help.

Chris Harris
Apr 30th, 2012 - 3 mins read
  • Jon

    Thanks for the post.

    Any idea how to set up scheduled emails where the reports are all contained in 1 PDF? Currently multiple reports are sent as multiple PDF attachments.

    The “old” GA consolidated reports by default. I can’t figure out how to do it in the “new” GA.

    • Chris Harris

      Good question Jon. Unfortunately Google have not included this feature in the new analytics as yet. Their product guy has acknowledged the request for a feature on their blog as many people have requested it – http://analytics.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/share-reports-by-email-and-export-to.html
      For now you’ll have to manually combine them yourself after being emailed the pdfs.

      • finjg

        This was the answer I was looking for too – thanks. It’s a shame Google didn’t allow the aggregation of reports when you combine to a single email alert. I used to get this with the old Analytics. Any idea when they might work on it?

  • Excellent post Chris.

    I have been looking for quite some time how to schedule the reports together. I’m also interested in Jon’s question how to combine them into a single PDF. I’m sure GA will have some more surprises form us.


  • Kai

    Thank you very much for the post.

    Is there any setting/hack where you are able to change the time at which a report is sent. At the minute, the previous days traffic is only arriving at the intended mailboxes at 11:55 PM GMT the next day. We require the previous days traffic to arrive in our mailboxes when we walk through the door for work at 8:30-9 AM?

    Do you think this is possible?

    • Chris Harris

      Good question Kai, I don’t believe there is a way to set a time for the report to be sent, but I’d make sure that in your analytics settings you have the correct time zone country or territory set up. It may just be a case of the volume of emails going out from Google for this service take a long time to hit everyone’s inbox’s and setting a time for this would be tricky to do from Google’s side.

    • GAEx

      If you are using the free version of GA or any free product for that matter, you need to alter your expectations to what the capabilities of the free product offers. If timing is truly a must-have requirement, you will need to look at paid options such as Site Catalyst or an internally hosted option such as Piwik. As the experiences with Google Docs and Reader have shown, Google is able to kill a product or start charging for it at any time so your best bet if you need analytics is to either pay for a service or host your own. Of course, hosting your own requires staff and hardware so there is a cost to that as well. But you will be in full control and will be able to enforce what your “requirements” are.

  • Ruggero Valsecchi

    Thanks for the complete post! And especially for the comment about merged reports in 1 PDF.
    It’s such a pity one cannot do it anymore, hello Google??
    I have been looking for this info in vain all over GA support pages, it looks like Google is hiding this info on purpose.
    Can it be so hard to develop in the new system?
    Will it appear as a PRO service with a fee?

    • Chris Harris

      Not allowing combining reports into one pdf may be due to keeping file size down in email. Its a pain though I know!

  • tony

    I have been trying for days to work out how to email (schedule) multiple reports reports in one email. I thought I was getting kind of thick in my old age but I’m glad I came across this post as it means that I am not that “thick” after all :-) I really think Google should have considered these things before closing the old and launching the new. Surely features in a new product should build upon features in the old version; but here we seem to have LESS features and functions!


    • Chris Harris

      Agree with you Tony, which prompted me to write this post! It’s one of our most popular blog posts…

  • Brad

    Thanks for this post… Do you know of a way to send the same report multiple times a week? Do you have to setup 2 separate mailers that are weekly? I’ve only been able to select one day a week in each of mine

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Brad – not sure what you’re trying to achieve here – is it a weekly view of analytics to be sent more than once a week? That should be possible.

  • Very helpful post. Thank you. The circular links in Google’s documentation on the matter weren’t nearly as helpful/clear as this.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Breanden, glad you’ve found it useful.

  • Vanilene

    Hi great blog by the way, I just have one question though, how do we set the email report to send every two weeks?

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Vanilene, unfortunately Google Analytics has set time periods for when emails can be scheduled. You’d either have to chose weekly or monthly, or manually go in each fortnight and pull a report yourself.

  • Kendall Oberto

    Does anyone know how to copy a scheduled report across accounts? Since GA does not consolidate all the reports into one file any longer, it takes some time to add each report to a scheduled email. I don’t know how to avoid repeating this process for every new account. Does anyone have any tricks?

  • Bay

    Hi Chris
    I have set up 99 GA scheduled emails to go out on the 3rd of each month. I would like to edit the date range of all of these but in edit mode this seems to be the only part that cannot be edited.
    Do I have to start from scratch or is there a way to alter the date range in a scheduled email ??
    Any help much appreciated

    • GAEx

      There isn’t any way currently to edit the content of the report attachment that is sent. You can edit the recipient, the subject, or the body of the email. You can also remove attachments. However if you need to change the substance of the report, you need to rerun it in the web tool and schedule it as an email – either new or add it to existing one.

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Bay, bad news I’m afraid. You can’t edit the date range once an email has been scheduled unfortunately.

  • veronica

    I set up a daily scheduled email this week but each one I open in the morning is reporting on the same day June 1st which is the date the report is saved as. Is there a ‘yesterday’ or ‘last week’ reporting period I can save the report under?

    All I want is a daily email showing yesterday’s data. Do you know how to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Similar to veronica above, may I check one aspect of scheduling.

    If I set up a schedule for people to receive a monthly report every month will the month report period auto-update to “last month” ?

    For example, a schedule is created to send a report of time period one month on the 1st day of each month. If the first report received is on 1 July, then that report refers to data 1-30 June, the second report will be sent 1 Aug – will the report time period automatically flip over to 1-31 July? Presumably, I should first set up my report to have time period Last month. Not sure if this is going to work – it is an important requirement for us. Like veronica above, we want relative time periods for scheduled reports “yesterday”, “last month” etc.

  • Thanks a lot, this post helped me a lot to modify the Google Report Email schedule & email ids.

    • Chris Harris

      No problem Sonia, glad we could help :)

  • Can you setup email reports for specific sections of the website, such as web pages, or does the report encompass the entire website?

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Ravi – yes you can. All you need to do is drill down into the metrics you wish to report on and then hit the email link to schedule your report.

  • Soderlund

    I have a similar problem as Gerry. I would want to schedule automated reports showing traffic from different time periods. For example I´m trying to send an automated dashboard-report with traffic stats from the last quarter (3 months). Instead the report, when it goes out only shows last months traffic (1 month). I had the time period set for 3 months on the report when i created the automated email. It seems as if Google goes back to 1 month period by default when I logout and then sends the email-attached report with whatever time period is currently selected at the point of sending the email.

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Soderlund – unfortunately Google doesn’t store the time period you run the report from and adopt that when it sends the scheduled emails. It will default to last day, week, month etc. Very frustrating I know.

  • Hey Chris,

    I wonder if there is any option to let me compare to the previous year period by doing a like-to-like day comparison.

    Eg. say I want to see stats for the past monday 14 October 2013, if I select compare to previous year, GA will end up to compare with the same date one years backward. This is not correct as the 14 October 2012 is sunday, and all KPI’s will end up being messed.

    I can’t see anything as such neither in the standard interface nor in the custom report, so chances GA has not introduced such a elementary function, but hey … I may be wrong.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I have created three dashboard reports. I want one to show weekly stats and the other two to show monthly stats. But when I set the weekly date range all three reports go to weekly. I cant set different date ranges for individual dashboards. How do I fix this?

  • I’d like to set up a weekly report AND a monthly report of the same dashboard. I know how to change the time frame, but I’m unsure how to set up two different reports on the same dashboard without messing one of them up. Is there a way to do this on the same report OR do I need to clone the dashboard? And is there an easy way to clone the dashboard w/o rebuilding it from scratch? Thanks!

  • I keep setting up my reports with a month view and comparing to the previous year. Every time I receive the report it only shows yesterday and this single day the previous year. I have attempted to regenerate the report several times, I have excluded multiple reports and even just asked to be sent a PDF for page views…nothing seems to be working. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • How do you set up a report which allows you to see what the user journeys on your website are?

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  • Marco Urbanic

    Good article! If I setup the report to be mailed monthly, is it a rolling-month? Meaning, if I originally sent stats for Nov 1 – Nov 30, but next month I want it to be sent for Dec 1 – Dec 31, can that happen automatically?

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    I’ve set up a custom report and scheduled it as a pdf. The report has 3 tabs. The pdf only contains the first tab. How can I get all 3 tabs on the pdf email.

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  • Vik

    I have a question; if you’ve created your report looking at a particular month (lets say October for example) and schedule a monthly report – will the report update to the next months date range? I understand you can schedule monthly but would the date of the report be updated monthly too?

    Thanks in advance


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  • aurelia.guillaume-fabbri

    Do you know how to set up the time when you want to receive the report? I typically always receive them at 7pm on Mondays while I wished I could receive them earlier during the day.

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  • JM COrao

    Hello Chris! And thank you so much for this article :)

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