Jan 30, 2020

How to seed your Infographic

Chris Harris
Jan 30th, 2020 - 3 mins read

So you’re thinking about creating an infographic – great! Infographics are an excellent way of creating shareable content to build your brand awareness and traffic back to your site.

Follow our 5 step process for how to get the most from your infographic…

5 Step Infographic Process

1. The Title

A checklist for your Infographic title…

  • Is it keyword rich? What keywords is it targeting?
  • Does it have enough Backlinks to attract traffic?
  • Is it less than 70 characters, including spaces?
  • Does it include any “Buzzwords”? Are the buzzwords effective, or just a cliche?
  • Could you make the headline simpler? Could you use less text?
  • Is it explicitly clear what the headline is promising?
  • Does it include an element of a self-interest hook?
  • Does it also share news, a quick-relief or arouse curiosity? Could it include one of these?

2. Publishing

When publishing to the site, consider the following:

  • Correct Dimensions – Ensure that the graphic is correctly sized and all the information is readable. It is worth testing in different browsers and resolutions as well. Also allow the infographic to be available full-size.
  • Consider Your Timing – Timing is everything. Think about your seeding plan before you publish on your site. Do you need to give any partners exclusivity for them to publish? If you are publishing on your site first, think about timing it when people are on your site or online. If your infographic is linked to an event, publish at the moment of highest online momentum.
  • Include the Embed Code at the Source –  If possible, include the embed code where you publish the infographic. If you don’t have an embed code, some website owners will post your infographic without a link to your site. Embed codes simplify the process of re-posting and give you a greater chance of having your link re-published or linked to.

3. Seeding

  • Create a status update (Twitter/Facebook friendly) detailing the content title and link. Make sure the link is shortened via a tracking tool (e.g. Bit.ly)
  • Send round friendly message to internal team asking to share on their social networks
  • If possible, create a unique #hashtag
  • Also… submit it to your PR team. They may be able to find an angle to forward to their relevant contacts
  • Seed onto paid and free infographics websites
  • Share the infographic on your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest) and bookmarking sites (Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Buzzfeed etc)
  • Identify influencers using tools like Technorati, WeFollow, AllTop and TwitterSearch to  find influencers for the interest area of the infographic. Monitor and thank those who share the infographic
  • Consider budget for advertising your infographic on Facebook and StumbleUpon
  • Target webmasters for specific sites that are related to the content of your infographic. Ask them if they’d be willing to post it to their audience.

4. Review Who’s Posting

  • Check which sites are posting the infographic using Google search.
  • Thank those that post.
  • Keep a record of friendly sites for contacting next time.

5. Analyse Performance

  • Using your analytics tool, look at the infographic article page – where were the sources of traffic?
  • SEO – did it have an effect? What key-phrases did you rank on page 1 of search results? Did you consult Perth SEO before optimising your website?
  • Look at your social media sites – are there learnings to use for next time? Did Twitter work better than Facebook? Which status update worked best for interactions?
  • What sites or blogs drove traffic to your infographic? Maintain a database of contacts for next time.
  • Design – was it effective? Review how it could be improved and feedback to the designer.
  • Process – any ways this can be improved next time, or turned around quicker/more efficiently?

There you have it, our 5 step process to making the most of your infographic. Have you experienced any other tips and tricks? If so, please share them here.


Chris Harris
Jan 30th, 2020 - 3 mins read