Jun 24, 2016

Five Links for Friday – 24th June 2016

Jenna Milne
Jun 24th, 2016 - 2 mins read

Hey Guys! Your Five Links for this Friday include top tips for aligning your website with your brand and ensuring your keyword optimization is on-point, time-saving social media tools, a Digital Marketing A-Z and an inspirational content campaign case study. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Ensure your Website Content Reflects your Brand Identity (5m)

Website content is perhaps the single most important part of website design. Whilst the visuals might catch the attention of consumers, it’s the quality of your content that keeps them engaged. That’s all well and good but the content means nothing if it’s not aligned with the core message of your brand.

9 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers (8m)

If you’re looking to spend less time on repetitive social media tasks and searching for a tool that strikes a perfect balance between automation and personalisation then this article is for you.

An A-Z Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy (25m)

Digital marketers love to throw words around. Some of them might not mean anything to you yet, but that doesn’t say they don’t mean anything at all. Whether you’re brand new to digital marketing or just looking for a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Tips for Website Keyword Optimization (10m)

When it comes to achieving SEO success on your website, there’s one rule of thumb that remains a tried-and-tested technique: optimizing your website with relevant and targeted keywords. Check out this article for some top tips.

The Content Campaign that Sent Job Applications Through the Roof (3m)

GE launched a content campaign with the intention of finding an interesting way to describe what it’s like being a digital industrial company. However, this campaign accidentally turned into one of the most successful recruiting campaigns in GE’s history.

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Jenna Milne
Jun 24th, 2016 - 2 mins read