Jan 22, 2016

Five Links for Friday – 22nd Jan 2016

friday five links
Jan 22nd, 2016 - 1 min read

You survived ‘Blue Monday’, and now have made it to Friday. So same deal as usual – here are five thought-provoking links we found and enjoyed this week…

Top 17 SEO Myths and Mistakes You Need to Know (4m)
The dark arts of gaming Google are fraught with popular misconceptions and mistakes. This list should enlighten all but the most hardened black-hat bandit.

Do Ruthless People Really Get Ahead? (3m)
Are your Don Draper tendencies really helping you in life? Is it worth the professional gains despite being less happy? This BBC article aims to work it all out.

2016 Will Be the Year of Conversational Commerce (11m)
As usage of messaging apps eclipses that of social media ones, Chris Messina of Uber and inventor of the hashtag thinks that the next year will see commerce technology increasingly weaved into and built on our messaging experiences.

How (And How Not) To Use Social Proof (6m)
A deep dive into the many forms of social proof in marketing, and how to avoid the negative.

How the Emoji is Rapidly Evolving The Way We Communicate (8m)
From the Buffer blog, a discussion around how the Emoji goes beyond words.


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Jan 22nd, 2016 - 1 min read