Apr 15, 2016

Five Links for Friday – 15th April 2016

Chris Harris
Apr 15th, 2016 - 1 min read

Another week down, and it’s almost the weekend… but before you head off, here’s five links to get you thinking or to save to read later.

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The dark side of Guardian comments (10m)
An alarming study undertaken by the Guardian looking at the 70million comments ever made on their site, to identify correlations between the writer’s sex and race, and trolling or abusive commenting behaviour.

Facebook Messenger’s new bots are a powerful way to target adverts (5m)
With this week’s announcement at Facebook’s F8 conference, bots are on the way. This is a look ahead at how brands may be able to utilise bots for having one to one’s with customers at scale.

How To Adjust Your Email Messages For Millennials (6m)
The first digital generation of customers who spend 80% of their time online, but generally convert the worst. How do you grab attention in their inbox? Here’s some great tips to try.

UNMAS Instagram Minesweeper (3m)
The United Nations Mine Action Service recently launched an innovative campaign on Instagram to raise awareness of landmines, using the classic computer game.

Free Resource: Custom Social Media Icons (1m)
If you’re looking for some bespoke social media icons which look a little different, download ours here.

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Chris Harris
Apr 15th, 2016 - 1 min read