May 24, 2013

6 Creative Campaigns That Caught Our Eye in 2013 So Far

Harry Tattersall Smith
May 24th, 2013 - 4 mins read

It’s Friday night! So here’s a little aggregator of some of the coolest stories from around the web from the last 7 days 

First up, what’s the solution to a political crisis after diplomacy has failed? Fizzy caffeinated pop of course!

Or at at least that’s what Coca Cola would have you believe.

This heartwarming advert made by London agency Leo Burnett tackles the mutual mistrust of the South Asian nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan and is the latest installment of Coke’s “Open Happiness” campaign.

They have transformed two seemingly ordinary vending machines into digital portals allowing members of the public to virtually traverse the countries border – and through collaborating over simple tasks people from both sides are rewarded for their endeavours with a nice can of the good stuff.

Check it out.

Who said big companies are always the bad guys…?

Snapchat: Not just about sexting.

Turns out this rapidly growing app isn’t just about sending saucy pictures- apparently- and advertisers are increasingly starting to tap into the marketing potential of the 150 million self-destructing images being sent daily.

In January American Frozen Yoghurt company 16 Handles launched the first Snapchat ad campaign as they sent fans vouchers with discount codes that expired after 10 seconds.

Then in April, Taco Bell became the most prominent users as the Mexican food Goliath tantilised fans with a secret announcement to be revealed via the service- an announcement which turned out to be the relaunch of their ‘Beefy Taco Crunch.’

Queue widespread raucous celebration.

Now, the latest high profile users are 30 Seconds to Mars, the band of Hollywood star Jared Leto.

They are giving fans in New Zealand the chance to meet the band through the most rock and role of methods: A maths competition.

Fans need to add up the numbers sent from a series of 10 snapchats sent from the band over 10 days starting next week before calculating it and sharing it online…

An idea in itself perhaps not the most exciting, but one that offers huge creative potential.

Chances are we are going to see a lot more brands using the device so disregard Snapchat as an app for reprobates at your peril…

Nike:  Playing on patriotism

Chances are we will be seeing a lot of their “Club before Country” social media campaign this summer, which is being launched to coincide with the release of their new England strip- a strip which they unveiled on Twitter this week through the account of Jack Wilshere.

Nike are encouraging fans to cast aside their differences/club shirts to unite under the banner of country/the new England Nike strip, and then share their pictures on various social media platforms.

It’s an idea that taps into the heart of the debate that inevitably becomes a media scrummage around every international break, and in the current football lull they’ll be hoping to  encourage a wave of patriotic sentiment. However where the campaign might be slightly flawed is that whilst players talk the talk regarding country, a precedent has been set that in that players always seem to choose the club first.

Yet despite the controversy surrounding its similarity to the Germany 1966 strip, it’s without doubt one of the smartest looking England shirts for a very long time.

BNP Paribas: Unveiling the future of digital music?

How do you go about launching the worlds premier digital bank? By hiring a digital orchestra, of course.

Publicis Conseil orchestrated the musical stunt for the French bank, in a campaign that highlights the true creative potential of what one can achieve through just their mobile.



And it’s definitely worth checking out the video outlining how they went about making it.


Puma: Words are so blasé; from now it’s all about interpretive dance.

The latest Puma campaign for their line of fragrances run by Grey allows fans to select words and phrases which are set to dance by a series of professional dancers.

There’s also a collection of sentences of which users can edit select words, so that things can become pretty wacky, but delve away from grammatical incorrectness. It’s worth checking out, if all slightly surreal and it remains to be seen whether or not the ‘Spaceship’, the ‘popcorn’ or the ‘monkey’ become dance crazes down at your local…

Here’s an example of the sort of zanyness you can come to expect…

And finally: Are Domino’s taking us one step closer towards Smell-o-vision?

You would be forgiven for thinking that you’re seeing an April Fools Day prank late but incredibly Domino’s Pizza are unveiling new DVD’s that come out of your player smelling like… pizza.

When heated up the thermal ink emits the smell of cheese and pepperoni, whilst the hot disc comes out resembling the baked good.

Limited user reports of the DVD’s actual success seem to exist and despite attempting to speak to company executives, it’s unclear as to whether or not you’ll have to try and waft the greasy morning after smell from your living room the morning after…



Harry Tattersall Smith
May 24th, 2013 - 4 mins read