Jan 3, 2013

5 Creative Links to Kick Off 2013

Jan 3rd, 2013 - 1 min read

Happy New Year everyone! Here are another five creative links to kick off 2013…

1) Dry January – Can You Take A Month Off?

Alcohol Concern has set down the challenge to quit drinking for a month for charity – apparently you’ll feel better, sleep better, lose weight, save money AND raise money, so there’s really no downside!

2) Fake Followers – Maintain a Following That Matters

How many of your Twitter followers do you actually know? Type in your Twitter handle and find out how many of your followers’ accounts are inactive, fake or just a bit dodgy…

3) Super Cook – Saving the Day

Want some new recipes for the New Year? Add in the ingredients you have one by one and Super Cook will steer you towards something yummy and you have full access to their recipe database. Simple…


4) Vizify – Create Your Own Graphical Bio 

Most of us have multiple social network profiles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. With Vizify you can turn all your likes, tweets, posts and pins into a complete, all-in-one, self-promoting web page which they call it a graphical bio. Have a go…

5) Earth At Night – See the World in a Different Light

Earth at Night does exactly what it says on the tin – shows the Earth at night, but in a particuarly spectacular way…

Jan 3rd, 2013 - 1 min read