Nov 19, 2012

5 Creative Links for Monday

Nov 19th, 2012 - 1 min read

Another five creative links to keep you going through the day…

1) Typing Karaoke: The Most Fun You Can Have Practising Your Typing

A retro style game that is challenging and rather addictive! Typing Karaoke is the most fun you can have whilst practising your typing as you try to keep up with the song lyrics as they appear on screen…

2) Wrag Wrap: Get Christmas Beautifully Wrapped Up

Make the presents you buy this Christmas as special on the outside as they are inside with Wrag Wrap’s beautiful designs printed on fabric – it’s easier to use than paper too!

3) On Trees: See All Your Finances in One Place

On Trees is an innovative and easy to use way of keeping track of your finances. The site, also a mobile app, splits your spending into categories so you can see exactly what you are spending your hard earned cash on…

4) Scratch Hard: Uncover What You’re Shopping For

Want to save time and money when you’re out shopping? Scratch Hard is a mobile shopping assistant which helps you find the products, brands, and store locations you’re looking for. Plus, when you select an item the app will present you with an offer to use either in the store or to save for future use, get downloading…

5) Price of a Stamp

A very simple site answering a very simple question: how much does a UK stamp cost?? If you ask around not many people can answer off the top of their head, but fear not as this handy little website is on standby…

Nov 19th, 2012 - 1 min read