May 29, 2013

The 5 Best: Film Apps For Your Phone

Harry Tattersall Smith
May 29th, 2013 - 3 mins read

It’s raining, gloomy and you’re struggling to believe that it was only yesterday you were getting gloriously sun burnt in the park. There’s no need to suffer the post-bank holiday slump in silence because here are 5 creative apps that’ll help transform your phone into your very own film studio.

1) 1secondeveryday: Like the idea of being an Avante-Garde film maker but don’t have the patience and/or skill? Straight from the Ronseal school of apps; users are granted one second of film every day to capture their life which the app seamlessly edits into a movie of your life, with the potential to create a 365 second work of art. And there is no excuse to say you don’t have the time!

Pros: It’s like creating your own personal time capsule to remember your whole year and not just the major events.

Cons: The app has a tendency to crash from time to time, which can get pretty frustrating especially seeing as you’re just trying to upload 1 second of footage.

2) Montaj: Essentially an app that allows you Instagram your videos. It allows you to play around with adding filters, whilst users can simply edit in voice overs, text and add in music to easily make professional looking footage.

Pros: Unsure about which filter or what song to add? The ‘Shake It’ feature randomly generates a selection for you with just a shake of your phone.

Cons: The maximum length of a clip is 5 seconds with which you will need to edit together your content.

3) Stop-motion CameraFree and easy way to take your first steps into stop-motion animation. It’s just the very bare bones so don’t expect yourself to be the new Nick Park- at least not just yet- but it’s a fun app that’s definitely worth having a play around on.

Pros: The on screen instructions are all simple and intuitive meaning you can get started straight away.

Cons: There’s no function to save your work and come back to it; you’ll need to create your masterpiece all in one sitting.

4) DirectrThe idea of making your own movie can be a little daunting, especially when you’re struggling to up muster any ideas for your masterpiece. What Directr does is take away this creative conundrum, and provides you with a story board of scenes and ideas,into which you just need to pop in the content.

Pros: A great tool for budding film makers to get sense of structuring and pacing your movie.

Cons: There are a limited number of templates which somewhat cramps your flexibility.

5) VineThe debate as to whether or not it’s a game changer in the way the public accesses news remains up for debate, the fact remains, if you haven’t got this yet where have you been! Users can record up to 6 seconds of footage, which plays on a loop and can be embedded into social media platforms. Check out our list of some the best users to check out here.

Pros: After a 30 second tutorial you’re pretty much a master, and it can be easily integrated with Facebook and Twitter so sharing content is simple.

Cons: It’s only available for Apple just now, although it will be coming to Android in the “near future.”



Harry Tattersall Smith
May 29th, 2013 - 3 mins read