Jun 5, 2013

5 Best: Art Apps For Artists On Your IPad

Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 5th, 2013 - 4 mins read

All the exciting work that’s been going on with the charity Miracles for their campaign Fifty Artists Fifty Children has inspired us to get creative in the office.

Here are some of the best apps to get you producing Monet on your mobile.

1) Paper

An app that lends itself excellently to doodling whilst also being a brilliant way to train yourself in the basic ways of IPad art before moving on to more developed programmes. The handy user note book feature means you can easily flick between unfinished pieces of work and continue at your leisure or when struck by a thunderbolt  of inspiration. However the apps greatest feature is that it enables users to realistically recreate painting with water colours, a feature that sees it transcend beyond just a lovely,user friendly, Microsoft Paint 10.0 to being a real market leader.

Pros: So simple even my mum is a devotee.

Cons: Although the basic app is free it can get quite expensive if you want to invest in more elaborate tools.


2) Brushes 3

The app that David Hockney used to propel computer art from the derision of the art elite to the acclaim of la mode high fashion, but just because it’s being utilised by a professional artist that doesn’t mean it should scare off jobbing amateurs. It’s beauty is in its simplicity; different brushes are easily accessed with users having the option to experiment with a whole heap of textures, the colour wheel makes it possible to select and mix colours with minimal hassle and errors are easy to erase. And Sharing your work on social media is as easy as a click of a button. For now the train, next stop the Tate.

Pros: After you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can revel in your own genius with a stroke by stroke video of your art coming into fruition.

Cons: If you have an earlier version by all accounts it’s not worth paying for the upgrade.


3) 123D Sculpt

See yourself as more of a Michelangelo, a Rodin or [Insert other famous sculptor] but don’t fancy the hassle of chiseling stone or have the resources to melt metal? Then this is the app for you. Take a ball of [metaphysical] clay and cut, chisel and carve away to your hearts content. Unlike some art apps you’re not going to be an instant master, so expect to begin with a lot of prodding and poking at a big ugly mass. Persistence, however pays off and it’s worth the effort for the satisfying end results. It still seems a bit away from the completed article but it’s still good fun to have a play about on.

Pros: A nice paint feature allows you to furnish your finished article, which some rival apps lack.

Cons: There is sadly no export feature so you cannot share your work as 3D models but rather only as flat images- which slightly takes away the fun of creating.


4) Phoster

The cheats way to graphic design mastery. An excellent app that allows you to design your own high quality professional looking posters. Simply choose a photo, add your text- select from a huge range of fonts -, and then you’re free to try and complete the polished look by playing about with adding filters to a series of pre-made templates. For what you can create, it’s also ridiculously simple and well worth the investment of just 69p. Check out this Tumblr account for inspiration and to see what other users have created.

Pros: Not just limited to posters- excellent for use as an invite or card creator.

Cons: You are currently limited to creating work in portrait and not landscape but this is just a minor problem that should and could be easily rectified.


5) And finally…Snoopify

As apps goes this creation from Snoop Dog Lion is an absolute must. Take the contents of your photo album and as the name of the app suggests… Snoopify them. Add stickers galore to your photo of bling, blunts, bills and bitc- scantily clad women. Plus plenty of novelty hats.

Pros: Hours of endless fun. Actually maybe only half an hour of fun… But so much fun for Snoop that Snoop posts about 7 images a day from the app to Instagram

Cons: Limited number of stickers. But we’re sure Snoop’s currently working on getting that sorted.



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Harry Tattersall Smith
Jun 5th, 2013 - 4 mins read