May 17, 2016

12 Social Media Automation Tools to Supercharge Your Marketing

Jenna Milne
May 17th, 2016 - 6 mins read

Social media and marketing automation sounds like a contradiction, but with the recent developments in bots, AI and a whole range of services, you can make the heavy lifting of social media less strenuous.  By using the appropriate tools and having a solid plan in place from the outset, then automation could supercharge your social media marketing, whether you’re a startup or corporate brand. It has the potential to be a complete game changer – so brace yourself.

Firstly, it’s important to identify exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve, before you even begin to start looking at the available apps. Automating your marketing is a big step and if it’s not executed with care, you will quickly find yourself tangled up in a very messy web. What are the tasks which take you such a long time when managing your content and communities? Once you’ve identified the pain points, you can then go about finding remedies. If you use the available tools wisely, you will revolutionise your way of working overnight, and gain back valuable time. By giving yourself more head-space to view the bigger picture, you can improve each step of your processes and grow your community, in synergy with apps.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite online automation tools, ranging from Twitter automation programmes to team communication apps and shared them with you in this blog.

If you have any first-hand experience with any of the below, please leave us a comment and let us know how they worked for you.


Buffer maximises your potential for social media success by sharing your content at the best possible times throughout the day, across multiple networks,  so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. You can also share content as you discover it, by adding it to your queue with their awesome browser extensions (which allows you to browse and add a page to your buffer queue right there) and mobile apps. It also pulls in images to share as well. Wave goodbye to the countless notes on your smartphone, that you never actually get around to referring back to.



Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. You can use the tool to search Twitter bios, compare Twitter accounts, analyse your followers, contrast against your competitors, match your activities to gains and losses and much more. This is the ultimate Twitter analytics tool however to really get the benefit, you must use your stats wisely. For example, explore the most engaged time of day to Tweet and feed that information into Buffer! See where we’re going with this?FollowerWonk


Quuu describe themselves as “the perfect social media enhancement”. This tool allows you to select relevant interest categories which they then use as the basis to deliver hand curated content to your account. These two platforms very much work hand in hand with one another and can really enhance the quality of your online content. Not only does Quuu hand-curate content for you to share based on interest categories, they also offer a paid-for service that helps you promote content via their users social feeds.



IFTTT is a one-stop-shop for all of your favourite apps, allowing you to connect with them in a way that works best for you. And it’s super powerful. For example, you can automatically Tweet the photos you post on Instagram without any extra clicks and you can hook-up with your FitBit to make sure you get a little nudge if you’re not quite reaching your daily goal. Also set up auto replies to new followers, automatically post a blog on your social media once it’s published, and create alerts for brand mentions are all just some of the recipes you can create using this great service.



Slack is a messaging app offering team communication for the 21st century. This clever app allows your teams to collaborate seamlessly and maximise efficiency – particularly great for remote teams which are becoming increasingly popular. One cool feature we use are the RSS alerts which notify your team mates every time a new blog is posted, reminding them to share the content on the necessary social media platforms. Also, there’s a Twitter integration tool you can use here.



Instagress is an automation tool designed specifically for Instagram with the ultimate goal being to generate more likes, comments and follows. Who wouldn’t want that, hey? You can automate everything with Instagress: liking, commenting and following activities based on specific hashtags and geolocations, as well as unfollow users from different sources. Instagress basically allows you to do all the things you would be doing organically yourself if you could spare six hours a day interacting with other users, and setup correctly this tool can quickly hack your growth on Instagram.



Self-proclaimed as “the most powerful Twitter bio search on the planet”, ManageFlitter provides an easy set of features designed to empower you to work faster and smarter with Twitter. Key features include tracking who’s unfollowed you, discovering when your followers are online and scheduling tweets appropriately, sorting followers by a set criteria and more. x

Autopilot for LinkedIn

This is a LinkedIn lead generation tool designed to help you connect to other LinkedIn users who are interested in your products and/or services, with very little effort on your part. It’s that simple. By setting up your search criteria, you target the industries or individuals you are looking to business with and Autopilot generates interest on your behalf.

Linkedin Auto

Bulk Buffer

Working hand-in-hand with Buffer (mentioned at the top of this post), Bulk Buffer allows you to upload hundreds of messages to your Buffer account via text or csv file at the click of a button. The best bit is, it’s absolutely free. Yet another example of an automation programme saving you time and effort – winner!

Bulk Buffer

KingSumo Headlines

When we came across this tool, we had the ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ moment. Such a simple idea, and beautifully executed. We all know that the title of a post is one of the main contributors to it’s overall success, but we also know that it can sometimes be challenging to conjure up a catchy caption especially when bleary-eyed from writing a killer 3000 word blog. That’s where KingSumo Headlines come in…automatic headline optimisation for your WordPress blog, so you can use the best possible headlines for your articles, and watch the traffic roll in.


A complete content sharing solution, helps you do social media better and in less time. Can’t argue with that, can we? This clever little tool covers all social media networks and is incredibly versatile. creatres custom short links, integrates with Google Analytics, automatically adds contextually relevant hashtags to your posts (genius, right?) and allows you to share from anywhere. To be honest, if you’re not using this application then you really should be. Its awesome.


Social Oomph

Much like a couple of the other tools mentioned in this post, Social Oomph is an application designed to boost your social media productivity across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and! You can schedule tweets in advance, track keywords, view mentions and re-tweets at the click of a button. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Happy experimenting, please do let us know how you get on!

Jenna Milne
May 17th, 2016 - 6 mins read
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  • Addler Smith

    Hi Jenna,
    Nice post.I am really surprised you don’t have Blog2social in the list. It is one of the finest social media cross-posting plugin, a user can cross-post blog posts on social media automatically, customized and scheduled. It allows the post author to advance directly to the posting dashboard of Blog2Social Word-press, in which pre filled posting texts are provided. After customizing the texts the author schedules the posts or publishes them without delay.

  • Nibha Chaudhuri

    Great post, Jenna! These are some great tools you’ve mentioned. Instagram really is rising as a marketing tool, now with automation and everything. Another cool app for social automation that you might want to look into is DrumUp-social media management, content discovery, promotion and curation. It’s great for finding and scheduling fresh and relevant content from reputable sources onto multiple social media platforms. Check it out here:, and please consider adding it to your list (or future lists) if you find it interesting

  • Manvi Agarwal

    I would like to recommend SocialPilot a social media marketing and scheduling automation tool. One can connect over 9 social media networks, and share as many as 500 daily posts and connect 200 profiles with just one SocialPilot account. There are so many features that stand apart and that at such pocket friendly price range. Really an amazing tool.

  • Mike

    I think Buffer is a life saver. They have really made an name for themselves recently. Quuu sounds very useful complimenting Buffer for curation, too.

    If I could add my two cents, RoundTeam does wonders. ( I’m quite thrilled with it.

    You can retweet specific users, hashtags, keywords and Twitter lists. This really helps to keep your followers engaged with something helpful relevant content, saving you a lot of time.

  • Jasmin Cottontail

    Awesome list! I’m actually looking for tools to use for my Instagram and Facebook account. I’ve tried Hootsuite and I find it great however I’m still looking for an alternative and then I saw your list. Will definitely check these out and see which is the best. For those who want to learn more about Online/Marketing Automation, I recommend this book entitled Online Marketing Automation From Beginner to Expert in Under a Month by Ky Toure. Check it here:

  • outfy

    Please try as well. It is designed to help online sellers with great tools and features. Has a lot of features including seamless integration with your shop and automating your social media posts.

  • Michael Huffman

    As Instagress is closed by now, I would recommend another tool to get auto likes and views – Likeattack Likes and video views are provided from most realistic accounts: they follow and like, get followed and follow back and regularly post their photos. If you buy followers too – you’ll get automatic Instagram likes from your followers, even in-depths analysis will show they are real in that case.