Sep 17, 2012

5 Creative Links For a Monday Morning

Chris Harris
Sep 17th, 2012 - 1 min read

Grab your coffee, sit back and be inspired by this set of must-read links to kick off your creative week…

Smartphone controlled lightbulb

A Smart Multi-Colored Light Bulb That You Can Control With Your Phone – Design company LIFX Labs has created a smart multi-colored LED light bulb that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Now You Can Tag Live TV With Shazam – now you can use the app to identify TV shows in the US, with Shazam saying that it has more than 160 channels covered from cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.

Visua Musio: A lovely iPad app that lets kids make experimental songs with shapes – a new app designed by Creative Applications Network, which lets you make “visual music animations” by adding shapes to an empty canvas. That canvas then becomes your song.

Sexy LEGO Ads For Adults – unofficial Lego ads take the family brand to appeal to a more risque audience

5 Digital Highlights From New York Fashion Week – as well as the hottest new trends in fashion, several introduced new uses for digital technology as well.


Chris Harris
Sep 17th, 2012 - 1 min read
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