Jul 13, 2011

100 Thoughts From Cannes Lions 2011

Chris Harris
Jul 13th, 2011 - 1 min read

In case you couldn’t make the Cannes Lions this year, presentation guru JesseDee has put together a collection of the 100 or so take-away points from the presentations at the festival.


What we liked:
  • “In 2001, 15% of conversations were about brands. Today it’s 37%” Martin Lindstrom, Brand Expert, Author
  • WOM (Word Of Mouth) is much more powerful during the hours of 8.00-10.00 worldwide.
  • The best brands weren’t created or born to be the most profitable but to make life better.
  • Sneakerpedia – $5000 for video, $0 seeding, ignited 4.5m tweets, attracted 6.7m fans, more than $1m in free media. When you get the connection, shared purpose and passion you can ignite a fire that will attract many many people.
  • “Steve Jobs isn’t an innovator. He makes existing things better.” Malcolm Gladwell
  • Ideas that live in people’s lives: Nike+, Earth Hour, Facebook. They don’t just have an end destination, they get better with time.
  • The role of leaders is not to command and control the creative process, but to create the conditions for it to flourish.
  • “We need to move away from 360 marketing, and towards 365 days a year marketing” Jesse Greenwood.
  • The social web rewards difference. When the world zigs, zag.
What were your favourite thoughts?

Chris Harris
Jul 13th, 2011 - 1 min read
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